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Before you enter a new market, but also if you want to expand your business there, it is important to see underlying opportunities and to minimise possible risks. We carry out a comprehensive analysis of your target markets with regards to prevalent economic, political and social conditions. Moreover, we identify central competitors as well as potential customers and their needs. If wished, we also search for suitable distribution partners abroad and help you develop mechanisms which safeguard the operational and strategic sustainability of your international activities.


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    Market Analysis & Strategy

    You are planning to extend your activities abroad, but you are unsure whether the prospect market has the necessary potential for that? With the help of a thorough market analysis we help you estimate and better determine this potential beforehand. We then develop a market strategy which contains the possible next steps.

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    Distributor Search & Evaluation

    You wish to evaluate your current distribution partner abroad? You are planning to extend your distributor network in a specific market? You would like to start business in a new market? We help you find the right distributors and analyse potential as well as existing partners on the basis of pre-defined criteria.

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    Sales Optimisation

    Your company is already represented in a foreign market, but cannot use its potential to the full? We show you possible ways to optimise your sales activities, such as changing your current location abroad or working with additional cooperation partners, and help you implement them successfully.

Market Analysis and Strategy

aMarket analysis – A glimpse into the future

Our international expertise, combined with a thorough market analysis, allows us a more detailed look into the markets of the future. Prior to a possible market entry we clarify questions for you such as:

  • Is it worth entering the new prospect market?
  • Which general conditions are we going to encounter?
  • What is our competition doing there?
  • With which partners can we be successful abroad?

By using a comprehensible step-by-step approach we show you concrete opportunities and help you reduce possible risks connected to your market entry.

Strategic sales consulting – trust and certainty through clarity

The findings of the market analysis lead to concrete questions related to the planned market entry: How do I formulate my pricing strategy? What do I focus my product or service portfolio on? Which kind of distribution is more effective: Through a distributor or through our own subsidiary?

We run through the possible scenarios and develop an action plan with concrete steps in order to reach the target. Our cooperation partners help us answer possible legal, logistic or similar questions.

  • Case Study:
    Market Analysis and Strategy

    The medium-sized company Meier ProTools asks Sergey Frank International to analyse their market potential in Russia. This will enable the company to estimate the chances and risks of their envisaged market entry beforehand. The analysis is supposed to display the Russian market for construction and drilling equipment in the building industry (B2B) and in the DIY sector (B2C). Furthermore, the analysis will show the current structures in the building industry and the retail/DIY segment and it will give an overview of the current competitive situation and the actual  market potential.


Distributor Search and Evaluation

bA partnership with a future – the ideal distribution partner

International companies need reliable and strong partners for their success, especially when it comes to their distribution.

With best-practice from comparable companies, a thorough evaluation of already existing distributors and additional tools we support you in identifying and selecting your perfect distribution partner abroad. If necessary, we also analyse possible interfaces in order to clearly define responsibilities, processes and contact persons between headquarters and your partners abroad, and to ensure a clear and targeted communication.

We develop individual evaluations which have been adjusted to your specific requirements, in order to analyse the suitability of potential distributors and existing partners. The actual evaluation profile is adapted to your specific needs and contains aspects such as:

  • Comparability of business models
  • The distributor’s interest in your product portfolio
  • After-sales services
  • Know-how and market competence
  • The distributor’s regional presence in the chosen country

To optimise your cooperation with the distributor on the operational level, we offer client-specific workshops during which we define important interfaces and determine specific details of the cooperation and communication.

  • Case Study:
    Distributor Search and Evaluation

    After having studied the results of the market analysis and knowing about two active major purchasers in Russia, Meier ProTools decide to continue their cooperation with distributors. The question now is whether the company should build a bigger distributor network or whether they should work with only one or very few distributors instead. Following a detailed analysis, five additional distributors are being selected and subjected to a comprehensive evaluation, together with the two already existing ones. Based on the results of this evaluation, Meier ProTools decide to terminate the cooperation with one of the current partners and to acquire four new distributors.


Sales Optimisation

cOptimising your sales for long-lasting success

Even if you have already gained a foothold in a foreign market, it is sometimes necessary to correct your course to reach your aims. This might be a relocation or expansion of your current office or manufacturing site, it might be the acquisition of additional services or the establishment of business cooperations.

As part of our sales optimisation portfolio we help you find and evaluate suitable cooperation partners. We research possible manufacturing sites and support you in founding your own subsidiary. Furthermore, we will be happy to advise you in all aspects of geographical location, especially related to suitable staff and local price and salary levels. If wished by you, we also carry out Due Diligence Reviews through our cooperation partners.

  • Case Study:
    Sales Optimisation

    After having acquired several suitable distributors, the turnover of Meier ProTools increases, especially in the bigger B2B sector. Therefore, the company’s top management decides after three years to establish a subsidiary in Russia and to assemble the products at site to optimise distribution and cost.

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