In order to recruit successfully it is crucial to approach the remuneration issue sensitively and correctly – prior to the actual search as well as during the contractual negotiations.

Meier ProTools do not know the pay structure in Russia, especially the usual salary level of General Directors in Moscow. In addition, they need a basis on which they can develop a reasonable pay structure which lives up to corporate standards and which takes competition and the relation between national and international salaries into account.

Sergey Frank International compiles a detailed remuneration model which contains typical fixed elements in Rubles and Euro as well as possible variable parts (performance-based bonus, year-end bonus, fringe benefits such as company car, mobile phone, laptop or health insurance). In addition, Sergey Frank International supports Meier ProTools during contract negotiations in order to discuss the possibility of a dynamic salary increase and alternative remuneration models.

Additional information on Meier ProTools GmbH

The medium-sized family company Meier ProTools GmbH with altogether 230 employees and a global turnover of 110 million Euro produce and sell professional power tools such as jack hammers and concrete grinders for the B2B sector as well as electric tools for end-consumers in the B2C sector. Meier ProTools are already manufacturing in Germany, Poland and Great Britain with products being sold through twelve sales and service offices in Western Europe and the USA. These are also the main export markets, with exports accounting for currently 40% of the overall turnover. In Russia business is running on a relatively low level via two distributors.

Meier ProTools are planning to increase their international activities and are considering a market expansion in Russia and entries into other growth markets at a later point. In order to evaluate the economic feasibility of such an expansion, Sergey Frank International carries out a comprehensive analysis of the target markets and accompanies Meier ProTools on their way into the new foreign markets.

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